How to Rearrange Layers in Photoshop CS6 - dummies

How to Rearrange Layers in Photoshop CS6

By Barbara Obermeier

If you need to rearrange layers in Photoshop CS6, the following analogy may help. You can shuffle the order of layers like clear sheets of acetate used with overhead projectors. The stacking order of the layers in the Layers panel corresponds to the order of the layers in the document.

If you want to move a layer to another position in the stacking order, drag the layer (or layer group) up or down in the Layers panel. While you drag, you see a fist icon. Release your mouse button when a highlighted line appears where you want to insert the layer.

Alternatively, you can change the order by selecting the layer (or layer group) and then choosing Layer→Arrange. Then, select one of the following commands from the submenu:

  • Bring to Front and Send to Back: Send the layer to the very top or very bottom of the stacking order.

  • Bring Forward and Send Backward: Move the layer one level up or down.

  • Reverse: Switches the order of two or more selected layers.

If your image has a background, it always remains the bottommost layer. If you need to move the background, first convert it to a layer by double-clicking the name in the Layers panel. Enter a name for the layer and click OK.