How to Customize Menus in Photoshop CS6 - dummies

How to Customize Menus in Photoshop CS6

By Barbara Obermeier

Adobe takes the customization club to yet another level by adding the ability to customize menus in Photoshop CS6. You have the choice of colorizing chosen menu items or hiding the menu items altogether.


Follow these steps to make the Photoshop menus your own:

  1. Choose Edit→Menus.

    You can also choose Window→Workspace→Keyboard Shortcuts & Menus.

    The Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Menus tab, and in the Set drop-down menu (pop-up menu on the Mac) at the top, select the Photoshop Defaults set or another preset.

    Or to create a new menu, click the New Set button (the disk with a down-pointing arrow icon).

    Clicking New Set makes a copy of the selected set for you to then edit and customize. If you select a new set, name the set (leaving it with a .mnu extension), and keep it stored in the Menu Customization folder.

  3. Select Application Menus or Panel Menus from the Menu For drop-down menu (pop-up menu on the Mac). Click the triangle to expand the individual menu headings.

  4. Select one of the following options for your desired command:

    • Visibility: To hide or show a menu item, click the Visibility button.

      Be careful not to hide the really critical commands, such as Open or Save.

    • Color: To add color to a menu item, click the Color swatch (or the word None) and select a color from the drop-down menu.

  5. When you finish making changes, click the Save All Changes to the Current Set of Menus button (the disk icon).

    To delete a menu set, click the Delete Set button (trash can icon).

    Or, to create a new set based on the current menu, click the Create a New Set Based on the Current Set of Menus button.

  6. In the Save dialog box, enter a name for the set and click Save.

  7. Click OK to exit the dialog box.

If you’ve hidden some menu items and decide you want to temporarily show them while working in Photoshop, choose Show All Menu Items from the menu that has the hidden items.

To turn off menu colors (they’re on by default), choose Edit→Preferences→Interface (Photoshop→Preferences→Interface on the Mac) and deselect Show Menu Colors.