How to Create Path Type in Photoshop CS6 - dummies

How to Create Path Type in Photoshop CS6

By Barbara Obermeier

Photoshop CS6 offers the ability to place type in and on a path. The way you create path type in Photoshop is very similar to the way you create path type in InDesign and Illustrator. Follow these steps:

  1. Grab the Pen or Shape tool. Select the Path or Shape option on the Options bar and create your path.

    You can also copy and paste an existing path, or import a path from Illustrator or another compatible drawing program.

  2. Using the regular Type tool (either Horizontal or Vertical), click on or inside the path.

    When clicking on the path, your type cursor changes to indicate type on a path. If you clicked inside the path and are filling it with type, a bounding box appears.

  3. Type your desired text and marvel at how the type glides along or inside the path.

    Commit the type by clicking the Commit button (the check mark) on the Options bar. You can also press Ctrl+Enter (Command+return on the Mac). After you commit the type, the path itself doesn’t appear unless you stroke or fill it with color.


  4. To adjust the starting (x icon) or ending point (circle icon) for the type on a path, click either point with the Path Selection tool and drag the type to a new position.

  5. Edit the text (changing characters, colors, alignment, and so on) just as you would with regular type.

  6. Adjust the path by using any of the path tools — the Direct Selection tool, the Convert Point tool, and so on.

    The type magically reflows along the newly adjusted path.

To create regular point or paragraph type when you click near a path, hold down the Shift key when clicking, telling Photoshop you don’t want path type.