How to Connect a Curve Segment to a Cusp Point in Photoshop CS6

By Barbara Obermeier

If you want to create a curve in Photoshop CS6 that goes in the same direction as a curve that’s adjacent to it, you have to take a couple of additional steps which involve a Cusp Point.

  1. Convert the point by positioning your cursor over the second anchor point in the existing curve and holding down the Alt (Option on the Mac) key.

  2. Click and drag toward the bump of the curve. Release the mouse button and then release the Alt (Option on the Mac) key.

    Essentially, your actions are pulling the direction line out from the anchor point. Both direction lines move to the same side of the anchor point, yet they’re independent of each other, creating the cusp point.

    [Credit: © Image #6293744]
    Credit: © Image #6293744
  3. Move your cursor to where you want the curve to end and drag away from the bump to create your second curve.

    Try to keep anchor points on either side of the curve, not along the top. Also, try to use the fewest number of anchor points possible to create your path. That way, the path results in a much smoother curve. It also can reduce the possibility of printing problems.