How to Check Your Photoshop CS6 Collage for Flaws - dummies

How to Check Your Photoshop CS6 Collage for Flaws

By Barbara Obermeier

When you begin a Photoshop CS6 project, you may think you know what you want the final result to look like. But when your creative juices start flowing, you may decide that something doesn’t look right. Here’s how to check your collage for flaws:

  1. Open the saved collage file and open a new image that you want to incorporate into the collage.

    [Credit: © kertlis Image #6565377]
    Credit: © kertlis Image #6565377
  2. Select the part of the image that you want to add to your collage.

    Most of the time, consistency is key.

  3. Choose Edit→Copy.

  4. In the collage image, select the portion of the image into which you want to paste your copied element.

    Because the image is being pasted into the background image, the selection of what was being pasted into needed to be made first using the Magic Wand tool. After a couple of additional Shift-clicks, the sky of the garden was selected.

  5. Choose Edit→Paste Into.

    The element you copied appears inside the selected area of your collage.

  6. Choose Layer→Create Clipping Mask.

    Because the selection of the sky extended beyond the boundaries of the doorway there is a clipping mask on the new sky layer so that it would only show through the doorway opening.

    [Credit: © mura #4475506, Image #3200044, Image #6672627, 101cats Image#1
    Credit: © mura #4475506, Image #3200044, Image #6672627, 101cats Image#15160833 and kertlis Image #6565377