How to Apply a Preset Pattern in Photoshop CS6 - dummies

How to Apply a Preset Pattern in Photoshop CS6

By Barbara Obermeier

In Photoshop Creative Suite 6, you can apply preset patterns as fills. To fill a layer or selection with a preset pattern, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the layer from the Layers panel and/or make the selection you want to fill with a pattern.

  2. Choose Edit→Fill and then select Pattern from the Use drop-down menu (pop-up menu on the Mac).

  3. In the Custom Pattern panel, select the pattern you want to fill with.

    Here are some tips in choosing a pattern:

    • Choose a pattern from the drop-down panel.

    • Replace the current patterns with new patterns by selecting Replace Patterns from the panel pop-up menu (click the arrow on the right side of the dialog box). Then, select the new pattern library from the dialog box that appears.

    • Append new patterns to the current set by selecting Load Patterns from the panel menu.

    • Append one of the preset libraries that come with Photoshop by selecting the pattern from the list at the bottom of the panel menu.


  4. Choose any other Fill options you want to apply, such as Mode, Opacity, or Preserve Transparency.

    The Preserve Transparency option prevents Photoshop from filling the transparent areas on your layer with a pattern.

    It’s recommended to adjust the Mode and Opacity settings in the Layers panel rather than the Fill dialog box. This approach allows you maximum flexibility if you want to make edits later.

  5. Click OK to fill the layer or selection with the chosen pattern.

The new Scripted Pattern feature enables you to create a wider variety of patterns. You can offset, scale, and rotate your patterns. In addition, you can include transparency within your pattern. Adobe provides a few pattern script presets. Like brushes, you can also either create your own or find downloadable scripts online.