Experiment with 3D Photoshop CS5 Files - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Even a 3D novice can experiment with the new 3D features implemented in Photoshop Creative Suite 5. The key to 3D success is indeed experimentation.

Follow these steps to get started on some 3D features on your own:

  1. Open an existing Photoshop document.

    To eliminate any confusion, it is best if this document simply has a Background layer and no additional layers.

  2. If you have an image open with multiple layers select a layer that you want to apply 3D perspective.

  3. Select the Move tool.

  4. Choose 3D→New 3D Postcard from Layer.

    The image looks like it’s now on a perspective plane. Also, note that the type layer now has a 3D icon on the layer thumbnail in the Layers panel, indicating that it’s now a 3D layer.

    Creating a 3D layer in Photoshop CS5.
    Creating a 3D layer in Photoshop CS5.
  5. Experiment with angle and positioning by clicking and dragging on the 3D layer with the Object Rotate tool and the Camera Rotate tool.

    Notice that these tools have additional options available on the Options bar across the top of your Photoshop document.