How to Pick a YouTube Username - dummies

How to Pick a YouTube Username

By Doug Sahlin, Chris Botello

When registering on YouTube, you create a username the same way as with any other website registration. But when you choose a YouTube username, remember that YouTube is a video-sharing site. It’s a wholly different thing from a retail or auction site because a YouTube account is much more personal.

Viewing other people’s videos is a very personal thing. Sharing your own videos with an audience of millions is an even more personal thing. Because of this, some of the procedures common on other websites are worth a bit of rethinking on YouTube.

When registering at YouTube, consider creating a username that protects your anonymity. Using your full name as your username isn’t wrong or against the rules, but you probably don’t want the millions of people who might watch your videos of you and your family to know your full name. Creating a username that’s anonymous is a much safer bet.

On the other hand, many users use YouTube for exactly that purpose: to get their name out there. Say that you’re a musician or a comedian, and you’re uploading your videos to YouTube to showcase your talent. In that case, you might very well want your username to be your full name. The same goes for your business. If you own a taxi service, for example, and you upload videos that advertise your business, it’s probably a smart idea that your business and usernames are the same.