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Twitter Enhancements: Tweeting Pictures and Music

You can add pictures and sounds to your tweets on Twitter. Twitter was originally designed to post short messages of less than 140 characters via your computer or cell phone, but it’s taken on a life of its own. That increased use means people demand more, and Twitpic and Tweet A Sound are there to round out your tweets.


Twitpic integrates with your Twitter account to host and link images to your Twitter feed. Simply log in to the Twitpic site and click the Upload link in the upper-left corner, then follow these instructions:

  1. Click Choose and navigate to the photo you want to upload.

  2. Enter any descriptive information and tags you want associated with the photo.

  3. Enter the remainder of your Twitter message, or just leave it blank, and then click Post It.

Twitpic will host the photo and post the link to your account.

Although it’s just for Mac users right now, Tweet A Sound allows you to create and receive sounds over Twitter. And yes, the designer promises a Windows version is on the way. If you want to do something new on a social media service that’s bigger than ever, this is your chance. Enjoy!