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Managing Twitter with Twitter Clients

If you follow a lot of different people on Twitter, you can download some great tools to help you keep track of their latest news more easily. Twitter is an amazingly useful tool to keep in touch with many people using short bursts of information, or “tweets.” However, it can be a bit hard to follow from the main Twitter page, especially if you follow quite a few people. The tweets fly fast and furious, and all you get is a chronological list of messages.


Although they’re not immediately available from Twitter’s homepage, several programs are listed on Twitter’s download page that can help you manage your account with ease. These programs will help you do the following:

  • Sort tweets based on groups of friends

  • Pick out your @replies from the long list of following tweets

  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts from one client

  • Use your Twitter account from mobile devices

  • Integrate Twitter into your social networks or blogging platforms

Take a look at these available programs and see which one works best for you. Even the programs that cost money will have a light or free version you can use for testing. Keep searching for other applications to use as well.

If regular Twitter searches are just not exciting enough for you, take a look at Twitterfall. You’ll see the new tweets as they occur, cascading down the middle of your browser window. You can set filters so that you view only trendy topics or your own custom choices, and you can specify how often, how many, and exactly how the tweets appear, among other options.