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How to Use Visual Content in Twitter Social Marketing Updates

By Krista Neher

Visual content is an important part of your Twitter social marketing strategy. When you’re planning what you will share on Twitter, visual content should be a part of the strategy. A recent study found that tweets with photos resulted in 120 percent more engagement and a 350 percent increase in clicks to the tweet.

Photos and videos shared by way of Twitter are also prominently displayed on the profile page.


How to use photos in Twitter status updates

Photos can make for engaging status updates. A photo can be shared in a status update by uploading it directly to Twitter.

When writing a status update on Twitter, click the camera icon below the status update box. Then choose an image from your computer to upload to your Twitter status update. After you have uploaded the image, it appears as a link in the tweet. You can also do this from a mobile phone to add the image to a Twitter status update.

You can view an image on Twitter in a few ways. A user can click the link to view the image. At the bottom of a tweet with an image, the View Photo button is displayed. (It appears only at the bottom of tweets with an image.) Clicking View Photo displays the image in the newsfeed. Users can then view an image without having to go to another website.


This applies only to images directly uploaded to Twitter or images shared from photo applications that are integrated with Twitter. Links to images on photo sharing sites that aren’t integrated, such as Instagram, are simply displayed as links that don’t include the View Photo button or are displayed with images in the profile.

You can still share photos, therefore, from other photo sharing sites, such as Instagram, by adding a link to the image. The image however, isn’t displayed on the profile page and isn’t viewable with the View Photo button in the newsfeed.

How to use videos in Twitter status updates

Videos can also be shared in status updates by way of the Vine application or by sharing a link to a video that’s hosted on YouTube or another video sharing site.

Twitter created the video sharing application Vine. Videos can also be shared from video sharing sites such as YouTube. To share a YouTube video, copy the URL (website address) of the YouTube video, and paste it into the body of your tweet. You can also click the Twitter share icon under the YouTube video you want to share.

Videos shared from the Vine app and via links from YouTube are displayed in the Photos and Videos section of the profile page, and they can be viewed in the newsfeed by clicking View Media. In this way, Vine and YouTube videos can be viewed directly in Twitter.

How to create effective visual Twitter status updates

The visual status update can be a powerful way to engage followers on Twitter. A good mix of content includes sharing status updates; links to websites; images; and videos. To optimize your visual content for Twitter, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use an application that’s compatible with Twitter. When sharing visual content, either upload it directly to Twitter or use an application that’s integrated with Twitter, to maximize the visibility of your content.

  • Make it relevant. All the images and videos you share should be relevant to your audience.

  • Maximize the value of your visuals. Make sure that your visual content is “worth a thousand words” and that it continues to tell your story and grow your brand image. For example, add your logo or branding to images that you share on Twitter and other social networks.

  • Let people know what you’re sharing. Because people on Twitter like to click on photos and videos to view them, point out that your tweet contains a photo or video to drive people to click on it and interact with it.