How to Pass Along a Chosen Tweet on Twitter - dummies

By Marsha Collier

To make a statement on Twitter is to Tweet, so to repeat a statement on Twitter is to RE-Tweet, right? If you see a comment from someone you’re following, you can retweet what they said to all your followers. That way, your followers who aren’t following the person who made the pithy comment can have the chance to see it, too. (Twitter is all about sharing!)

You can retweet (RT) in two ways:

  1. You accomplish the classic RT when you copy and paste the original Tweet in the text box; then type the letters RT before @ and the username of the original tweeter.

    The figure shows a couple of interesting comments chosen to retweet to the people who follow.


  2. The second way to retweet is to find a Tweet in your Tweet stream (just as you did with the @ reply) that you want to share.

    Hover your mouse pointer over the center, below the Tweet and the word Retweet will show up next to a little recycling symbol.

    Some people don’t like the standard type of retweeting because they find it harder to tell whether it’s a retweet. But it’s the only format to use if the original Tweet is too long after you add the RT symbols. The figure shows the difference: Instead of the RT and @ symbol, a recycling icon appears next to the name.


If you want to see how many (and who) retweeted an individual Tweet, click the Me link at the top and go to your home page. On one of your Tweets, click the Expand link below your Tweet, and you see information similar to what’s shown. Mouse over the avatars until you find the Twitter ID of the person who RTed your Tweet (Uncle Bill in this case).