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How to Include Tweetups in Your Marketing Approach

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

Tweetups are Twitter community get-togethers. You see them at many blogging, business, and social media conferences, though they’re also held often in cities as well. They don’t take much effort to plan, they don’t have to cost much money, and promoting them is as simple as getting everyone you know to tweet.

Many brands host tweetups in order to meet their community offline. They invite the people who follow them on Twitter to join them at a pub or restaurant to meet them face to face. Sometimes the brand buys a round of drinks or provides food, and other times it’s up to each individual in attendance to provide their own refreshments. It’s usually more about the people than what’s being served.

Tweetups are easy to set up:

  1. Plan a time and place for your tweetup.

  2. Contact the venue in advance to make sure that it can accommodate a small gathering.

  3. Start tweeting out the details of the tweetup at least two weeks in advance.

  4. Invite your community to share the details with their friends.

  5. Show up at the designated date and time and meet and greet your community.

Tweetups can be low-maintenance gatherings, or you can invest money in putting on a full-fledged spread. Either way, your community will be happy to spend time with you.