How to Discover What's Trending on Twitter - dummies

By Marsha Collier

More and more, Twitter is the go-to source for breaking news. Tweets are even quoted on the news networks, and they are at your fingertips too — so why not get the news first?

  1. At the top of every Twitter page, you’ll see icons. Click the one with the hashtag symbol (#) next to the word Discover.

  2. On the left side of the resulting page, you’ll see Trends (what topics are trending and attracting a lot of online interest) that Twitter has selected for you.

    Note that you can also discover new Activity (what your friends are doing), Who to Follow (suggestions from twitter), Find Friends or see Popular Accounts.


  3. Here, you clicked to see what people were saying about Steve Ballmer (former Microsoft CEO).

    It seems he has just been approved to buy the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. During breaking news, or a crisis of any sort, you can find this aggregation of topical information through the Discover link.