How to Create a Custom Twitter Background Image - dummies

How to Create a Custom Twitter Background Image

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

Generic Twitter pages are boring, but social marketing professionals can create a custom background, offering a better opportunity for potential followers, customers, and members of your community to find out more about you. A picture is worth 1,000 words, right? You’re also proving you’re a real human being and not some spammy bot.

People who make up accounts for the purpose of selling or spamming don’t take the time to create a custom background because they know they’ll probably be banned soon. Your background not only represents you as a brand, but it also tells folks you’re legit.


Use the space in your Twitter background page to define your brand and entice people into wanting to learn more about you.

Before you create your background, take a look around. Visit other people and brands to see how they’re customizing their Twitter pages and get some ideas. If you’re technically challenged and not sure that you can create the right type of background image, you can also hire someone to put together something representative of you or your brand.

Consider putting these elements into your background image:

  • Name, URL, and contact details: Place this information in the image so that they appear to the right. Keep in mind that because it’s an image, you won’t have active links in your background.

  • An image representative of your brand: For example, if you work for a beer company, consider a frosty mug of one of your premium beers as a background.

  • A collage: Some brands and individuals create a collage of images that represent many different facets of what you do or who you are.

Because your Twitter stream will appear down the middle of your customer background page, pay the most attention to what is on the left and right sides of your background. Use these spaces for your most important messages or information.

After you create a background image, you’re ready to upload to your Twitter page:

  1. Click the Edit Your Profile button in the top-right corner of your profile page to access the different editing options.

  2. Click the Design option from the left menu that appears to upload your background image.

  3. Choose File Function to upload your background image.

    Although you can choose one of the background images provided by Twitter, these aren’t recommended because they are rather generic and don’t say a thing about your brand or what you do.

  4. Click Save Changes.

    You now have a custom Twitter background set up that lists all your pertinent information and gives at least a little hint of your brand’s message.