How to Add Social Network Contacts to an iPhone - dummies

How to Add Social Network Contacts to an iPhone

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

Both Twitter and Facebook have been integrated for the iPhone since iOS 6 and Flickr and Vimeo have been added in iOS 7. Instead of opening the profile of each member of your high school class to copy and retype their e-mail addresses and phone numbers, with just a few taps, you can import the information to Contacts directly from any of these social networks.

Follow these steps:

  1. Tap Settings→Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/Vimeo.

    The appropriate settings screen opens.

    If you don’t have the app installed, tap the Install button to download it from the iTunes Store.

  2. Tap in the User Name field and type in your user name.

  3. Tap in the Password field and type in your password.

  4. Tap Sign In.

    A disclaimer appears that explains what happens on your iPhone when you sign in to the social network. Essentially, information about your friends will be downloaded to Contacts; events will sync to your Calendar; you can post status updates and images directly from the Photos app; and apps enabled to work with your account have your permission to do so.

  5. Tap Sign In again to accept these conditions. You can change the settings after you sign in if you don’t want these things to happen.

  6. The settings screen reappears with Calendar and Contacts options.

    The apps enabled to work with your account are listed as well, and you can tap the switch to turn access on or off.


  7. Tap Contacts On.

  8. Tap Update All Contacts to provide Facebook with information from your Contacts, which allows it to update matching contacts.