Find Trends and Friends with Twitter Search - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Twitter’s own search capability is pretty intense. You can do search after search directly from your Twitter Home page. Go to Twitter. The search box is at the top of the page. Just type a subject that intrigues you into the text box and click Search.

For example, if you’re feeling creative in the kitchen and search for recipe, you arrive at the search results page and see all the current Tweets that have the word recipe in them.


You can click any ID and a snapshot of that person’s Twitter Profile appears. Then, if this new person’s Tweets interest you, go ahead and follow the person on Twitter (it’s not just okay, it’s the expected thing).

Notice on the top of the search results page you see the following sections:

  • Top: These are the top Tweets, the Tweets from the cool kids, the most popular on the site at that moment.

  • All: Selecting All results in a listing of every current Tweet on Twitter that matches your topic query.

Notice to the left of the results you see the following links:

  • Everything: Here your results will show everything tweeted, in whatever media, about your search query.

  • People: These results show only the people whose Twitter bios have the keyword you specified in your search query.

  • Photos: This view shows all the Tweets in your search results that have photos attached to them.

  • Videos: Yes, when people post links to videos (generally from YouTube), those videos appear in these results. Just click to watch them!

  • News: These results bring up Tweets with links to news stories that contain your keyword.

  • Advanced Search: This tab takes you to a page where you can make a much more specific search.

  • All People or People You Follow: By clicking here, either you can see Tweets from your own community or from the whole world.

  • Everywhere or Near You: This can be a handy option, especially when you’re looking for a restaurant recommendation or something you’d like to find close by where you live.

Notice the Expand link under each Tweet. Click that link to see more information about the Tweet.