Connect and Chat with People on Twitter - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Twitter has a quick and easy tool, Interactions, which you can use to find out more about tweeters or tweeters. Did someone @ reply to you on Twitter, and you want to know more about that person? See a Tweet you like? Want to know whether you’re following someone? Want to see who’s following you?

1On your Twitter page, click the icon of the bell, followed by the word Notifications.

The page opens to show Interactions: when people follow you, favorite your Tweets, or mention you. Click Mentions and you’ll see a list of people who have mentioned you in their Tweets.

2If you want to know more about someone, click your mouse on his or her ID or avatar.

A profile summary like the one shown appears. If you’re not following the person, you see a Follow button; if you are following, you see a box in blue and the word Following.

3Before you follow someone you don’t know, read the bio in the profile summary.

The person’s full Twitter information shows up in the small box along with a list of other people you follow who also follow that user. If you like what you see, go ahead and follow.

If you do follow this new person — and want to know if he or she is following you — notice the words Follows You in the profile summary shown.

4Click the little cog icon shown.

You can see other actions that can be performed on this page. If the menu says that you can Direct Message this person, then he or she is following you. You can only send a Direct Message to someone who is following you.