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CityVille For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From CityVille For Dummies

By Kyle Orland, Michelle Oxman

CityVille is a social network game available through Facebook. It is free, fun, and easy to play, and anyone with Internet access can build a metropolis without even breaking a sweat. This Cheat Sheet can help you level up by showing you the number of coins needed for land expansion, providing a few useful tips for new manager, and giving you a daily to-do list of farm tasks.

Expanding Your CityVille Community

CityVille is designed as a community experience. You work with your Facebook friends, and make new friends, on the project. Here are several ways to help your neighbors in CityVille:

  • Construct community buildings: Neighbors can send each other building materials, such as ribbon and gold plating, for community buildings, saving each other from spending lots of City Cash.

  • Expand your city: Although you can purchase the ability to expand your city with City Coins at any time, you also need a certain number of building permits to complete those expansions. The more expansions you’ve done means you need an even higher amount of building permits the next time you want to expand. Continually supplying your neighbors with building permits by sending these as free gifts ensures they always have enough to build their city when the time comes without spending valuable City Cash.

  • Harvest Goods: If you only have time to do one task on a neighbor’s city, this is it. Not only do you get 1 Reputation Heart and 15 Goods for yourself, but you save him from spending valuable Energy harvesting crops. Harvesting is also important because crops eventually wither, so if your neighbor can’t harvest those crops in time, he loses the resulting Goods and Experience Points.

  • Unwither crops: If your neighbors can’t get back to their city to harvest their crops before they wither, you can use your five tasks to unwither some of their crops. This is one of the few neighborly visit tasks that is impossible for a city manager to perform on his own. You don’t get the benefit of collecting extra Goods as you would have if you harvested them, but you did them a favor by giving them back the opportunity to harvest their crops.

  • Give and you shall receive: Sending free gifts is a great way to encourage your neighbors to send free gifts in return. Not only does the game provide a link to return the favor right on the CityVille Messages tab, but it also makes that neighbor more likely to think positively of you and want to reward you for your help. If you’re in doubt about what gift to give, Energy Batteries are always appreciated!

  • Send a return gift after you receive a gift (always): If you have a reputation for returning gifts when you receive them, your neighbors are more likely to send you gifts out of the blue.

  • Share the wealth: Whenever the game asks whether you want to share a free item or bonus on your Facebook Wall, take advantage of the opportunity. This increases your reputation as a generous neighbor while also letting you brag about your in-game accomplishments.

Tips for New CityVille Managers

Although your new city might not look so hot compared to your veteran CityVille neighbors, don’t let these humble beginnings get you down. You, too, can become a CityVille Mayor in a very short time if you stick to the following tips for new managers:

  • Utilize sidewalks: Roads are one of the biggest wastes of space in CityVille. Don’t get us wrong; you need roads to open businesses and build homes. But did you know that your buildings don’t need to be directly on the road? A great way to utilize the space behind a current row of buildings is to build a pathway from the road to the back side of your property. Sidewalk squares have a very small footprint (one tile) and are inexpensive (20 City Coins). To purchase sidewalk squares, click the Decorations tab of the Build menu.

  • Wait to decorate: We know it’s tempting to buy the most extravagant-looking items from the Build menu as soon as you can, especially when you have Coins to spare. However, being frugal at first and focusing on more productive uses for your Coins pays. After you build up a few businesses and homes to bring in regular income, you can start utilizing decorations to not only beautify your city but also to increase the payout of those buildings you worked so hard on!

  • Add neighbors: The more neighbors you have, the more opportunities you have to receive gifts, earn Coins, collect bonuses, and build up your city. In fact, there are many tasks, such as staffing community buildings, which you can’t perform if you don’t have enough neighbors.

  • Watch your Facebook News Feed: Every city slicker could use more Coins, and getting those items for free is a great way to jump-start your profits. You can collect Coin bonus rewards from your CityVille friends by clicking the links they share in their News Feeds.

  • Maximize your time and Energy: Chances are you don’t have all day to sit in front of your computer to keep up with all the tasks that need done in your bustling city. After all, the city can’t restock itself! But how do you make sure you can get everything done in the amount of time you have? Well, you may not be able to. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your city on a collection and harvesting schedule to allow you to maximize your time and Energy outputs.

  • Upgrade homes as soon as possible: Although you have to start with smaller homes that offer smaller population increases, less rent, and quicker collection times, you don’t have to stick with those homes throughout your adventure. As soon as you can afford to, remove these smaller homes, such as the Cozy Cottage, for homes that offer more population growth, increased profits, and longer collection times, such as the Apartment Complex.

CityVille Daily To-Do List

Use this simple to-do list as a simple reminder of all the tasks you should do daily or as often as possible to keep your Coins multiplying and make your neighbors happy. Of course, you don’t have to do any of them, but if you do, you’ll have a shot at becoming a CityVille millionaire!

  1. Plant and harvest your crops.

  2. Accept any gifts from neighbors and give gifts to neighbors.

  3. Visit and help your neighbors.

  4. Supply as many unsupplied businesses as possible.

  5. Use any Energy Batteries you received as gifts.

  6. Accept help from neighbors.

  7. If possible, collect from all community buildings.

  8. Harvest crops/ships, collect from businesses, and supply those businesses.

  9. If possible, work on expansion.

  10. Replant your crops.

  11. If you have franchises, supply them.

  12. Supply any businesses that need it.