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Setting up your chessboard is the first step in playing a game of chess. Take your time setting up the board, until you’re confident that you know where everything goes:
  1. The rooks go on the corner squares.

  2. Place the knights next to the rooks.

  3. Put the bishops on the board next to the knights.

  4. After the bishops come the queens. The queens always start on the square of the same shade — the white queen starts on a light square, and the black queen starts on a dark square.

  5. Place the kings next to the queens, which is only fitting.

  6. Add the pawns straight across the rank in front of the other pieces.


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James Eade became a US Chess Federation Chess Master in 1981. International organizations awarded him the master title in 1990 (for correspondence) and in 1993 (for regular tournament play). Today, he writes about and teaches chess.

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