CityVille Daily To-Do List - dummies

CityVille Daily To-Do List

By Kyle Orland, Michelle Oxman

Part of CityVille For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Use this simple to-do list as a simple reminder of all the tasks you should do daily or as often as possible to keep your Coins multiplying and make your neighbors happy. Of course, you don’t have to do any of them, but if you do, you’ll have a shot at becoming a CityVille millionaire!

  1. Plant and harvest your crops.

  2. Accept any gifts from neighbors and give gifts to neighbors.

  3. Visit and help your neighbors.

  4. Supply as many unsupplied businesses as possible.

  5. Use any Energy Batteries you received as gifts.

  6. Accept help from neighbors.

  7. If possible, collect from all community buildings.

  8. Harvest crops/ships, collect from businesses, and supply those businesses.

  9. If possible, work on expansion.

  10. Replant your crops.

  11. If you have franchises, supply them.

  12. Supply any businesses that need it.