The Ten Parenting Commandments - dummies

By Sandra Hardin Gookin, Dan Gookin, May Jo Shaw, Tim Cavell

Part of Parenting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Once you become a parent, your job has important duties (whether you want them or not): Take good care of your child, keep them safe, and develop a good relationship. A few basic rules apply and must be done as a parent:

  • Thou shalt not make anything more important than thy children.

  • Thou shalt work to have great patience during times of stress.

  • Thou shalt feed thy children healthy, nutritious food.

  • Thou shalt nurture and love thy children.

  • Thou shalt work to protect and keep thy children safe.

  • Thou shalt communicate openly and honestly with thy children.

  • Thou shalt make of thyself a good example at all times.

  • Thou shalt treat thy children with respect.

  • Thou shalt not shake nor physically try to hurt thy children.

  • Thou shalt be a good friend and supporter of thy co-parent.