Signs that Your Potty-Training Toddler Needs to See a Doctor

By Diane Stafford, Jennifer Shoquist

Part of Potty Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Potty training forces you and your toddler to focus on waste elimination — a normal yet often messy process. Sometimes, this focus on toilet habits can bring to light issues that need the attention of a trained medical person. Take your tot to the doc when

  • She hasn’t had a bowel movement (BM) in three days.

  • He strains when trying to pee or poop.

  • She complains that having a bowel movement hurts.

  • He says peeing burns or hurts, or his pee stream is intermittent

  • She pees very seldom (every eight to nine hours).

  • He has sudden urges to pee and pees frequently

  • She uses the potty regularly but has wet pants, too.

  • He has blood stains on his underwear.

  • She has frequent BM stains on her undies.

  • He’s five and still bedwetting.