Minimize Stress about Moving - dummies

By Sheryl Garrett, Sue Hoppin

Part of A Family’s Guide to the Military For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Moving is always headache, but many military families have to get used to it. You can turn moving into an art form if you keep the following tips in mind when it’s time to pack up and head out.

  • Pack the essentials you’ll need for your first few days in the house inside a large piece of furniture. It might be difficult to know which box has the linens for the beds and towels for the bathrooms, but if you pack them in a chest of drawers, you might actually find them when you need them.

  • Keep your “important documents” file with you during your move.

  • Carry a bit of home with you. Pack little family mementos in the car. It might be awhile until you’re settled again and those special pictures or touches will help make any hotel room or temporary apartment feel a little more like home.

  • Utilize the lending closet at the family support center on your installation for small appliances and kitchenwares.