Reducing the Stress on Your Marriage - dummies

Reducing the Stress on Your Marriage

By Markus Steffen, Sue Klavans Simring, Gene Busnar

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Negative stress effects your emotion and physical well-being, as well as your marriage. Take time to identify the source of your stress and then utilize these tips to reduce stress on yourself and your marriage:

  • Talk to a friend.

  • Slow down.

  • Find time in your day to do something that makes you feel good.

  • Keep your sense of humor — even in difficult situations.

  • Don’t dwell on your mistakes.

  • Forgive yourself and your partner.

  • Don’t expect perfection — from your partner or yourself.

  • Find ways to take care of your partner — and yourself.

  • Change the scenery.

  • Eliminate unnecessary pressure and people.