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Write Your Profile for Over-50 Dating Sites

By Pepper Schwartz

Your online dating profile is a combination of answers to specific questions for a specific site and the free-form text that describes who you are and who you want, in your own words. This written part of your profile is extremely important — especially your essay.

The first thing people do is look at your picture, but the second thing they do is look at the written section. This is the place where potential dates get a sense of what kind of personality you have. So it isn’t just what you write but how you write it that makes a difference. Here are three things to make sure you do:

  • Use spell check. If your profile has typos or misspelled words, many people will look no farther than the first mistake and delete you from consideration. They’ll figure that you’re uneducated or at the very least uninterested in anything serious. They’ll assume that if you took so little care about spelling, you’re probably not very invested in the whole process.

  • Show your heart. People are looking for authenticity. If you put down a lot of superficial thoughts and nothing about what you want out of life or what’s truly important to you, you’ll be more interesting to people who are looking for fun and less interesting to people who are looking for someone who could love them.

  • Take the time to tell your story; don’t be too brief. Remember, this is the only place a person can get a sense of your personality. A few sentences don’t give enough information. And you need more than information — you need to let your writing style speak for you (so that you get a chance to speak in person).

    If you’re funny, be funny (but remember that humor can translate in different ways than you intend). If you’re earnest, be earnest. But give yourself at least a couple of paragraphs so that your personality emerges.

    Write a convincing description of yourself, but don’t go much longer than a couple of paragraphs or it may not get read. People go through pictures and profiles very quickly, and you don’t want to look like it’s work to read your thoughts.