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Do You Feel Too Old to Date After 50?

By Pepper Schwartz

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You’re never too old for love or dating. That’s a fact. Lovers can be no less compatible or inseparable in managed care facilities than they were in high school or college. Since when was an age limit put on love, or for that matter on sex?

Deciding that being older disqualifies you in the dating market is self-defeating. Many people say, “I’m done with all that dating business,” but that defensive attitude closes down options prematurely and may just be a reaction to feeling too old or uncompetitive in the romance market.

Age is truly not a barrier. Many love stories happen for people in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s. You can be positively youthful in your 50s and 60s these days — unless you decide otherwise. You have a lot of time in front of you, and so what used to be a downward slope at midlife is truly just a long plateau.

Health difficulties can take a toll on you, but you’re not the only one with those issues. You may find a person with some of the same issues who’s open to being with someone who can be empathetic about life with physical challenges. Even if your walk is creaky, your heart is still functioning. Age isn’t a barrier unless you let it become one.

Do you find people your age attractive? Think of some of them and then think about whether they have wrinkles or other signs of age. They probably do, and you still find them attractive. Looking at things from this angle may help you believe that other people will look at you and think you’re good looking too.