Deal Breakers for Dating After 50 - dummies

Deal Breakers for Dating After 50

By Pepper Schwartz

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It’s one thing to specify what you want when you begin to date after 50; it’s another to specify what you don’t want. Rank the following qualities, starting with the most important deal breaker at number 1, and add your own if you don’t see your own deal breaker.

If you find that your top 5 becomes top 6, 7, 8, or more, be aware that your long list of requirements may exclude a very large number of people.

There’s a difference between deal breakers and things you don’t like but could tolerate if a person has enough other things going for him. Don’t put down something as a deal breaker unless it really would be insufferable.

Things I can’t live with:

  • A smoker

  • A liberal

  • A conservative

  • Someone who drinks a lot

  • Someone very religious

  • Someone non-religious

  • Someone who doesn’t like being around children

  • Someone who doesn’t like being around animals

  • Someone who needs to live with animals

  • Someone who wants me to change where I live

  • Someone who wants to move to a different state

  • Someone who doesn’t work

  • Someone whose work is extremely time consuming and important to him

  • Someone who doesn’t want a regular sexual life

  • Someone who isn’t slim or fit

  • Someone who talks a lot

  • Someone who’s very quiet

  • Someone who’s extremely athletic

  • Someone who isn’t at all athletic

  • Someone who’s not very interested in spectator sports (football, basketball, tennis, soccer, and so on)

  • Someone who’s not seriously into at least one of the following: movies, theater, art, dance, or opera

  • Someone with grave health issues