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Dating Online After 50: What If No One Responds?

By Pepper Schwartz

The road to true love can be bumpy, and online dating presents its own kind of bumps. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why things went sideways if the person you were interested in just disappears and you have no chance for feedback. The pitfalls are everywhere, and though most people are nice and will treat you politely, there are exceptions to the rule.

There are several possible explanations for why your stellar online dating profile isn’t prompting responses from potential dates, but the bottom line is that no matter how good your profile is, how attractive your picture is, and how exciting the people are that you contacted, if you don’t get responses, you have to change everything.

It’s impossible to know which part of your personal presentation isn’t working, so you need to revise it all. It may be the picture, no matter how attractive your friend says it is. It may be the profile; perhaps it contains something that you thought was an unimportant humorous remark that’s turning off everyone who sees it!

Or it may be the way you approach people, like just giving a generic “I found you attractive and I’d like to meet you” rather than a thoughtful paragraph about why you think the two of you should meet.