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Dating After 50: Tips for An Athletic or Outdoorsy Date

By Pepper Schwartz

When you begin dating again after 50, remember to choose a popular place where you’ll be surrounded by other people; you don’t want to be isolated on a first date.

If you have arranged a date and both of you are athletic and have talked about how much you like physical activity or outdoor adventures, why not start with a mutual interest and strengthen that bond between you? A really great day outdoors can be romantic and exhilarating.

Be careful, though, that you gauge both your abilities and your date’s; otherwise, one of you could end up spending the afternoon at the emergency clinic.

Here are some great athletic activities for summer:

  • Take a short hike to something beautiful. Be sure to keep the hike to no more than a few miles each way, and make your destination a waterfall or a place with an amazing view.

  • Rent a couple of kayaks and paddle down a river. If you’re experienced, you can get a double one.

  • Bike to a fun destination, such as a winery, a summer concert, or a picnic. Many cities have a large network of bike paths, and many of them get you out of the city safely to great events or beautiful parks.

Here are some great athletic activities for winter:

  • A walk in the snow: It’s quiet and beautiful, and there’s time to talk.

  • Day skiing: If you’re both really good at it, it gets your adrenaline going — and there are those great after-ski fireplaces and hot chocolates. But keep it to a day. This is your first date, after all.

  • Snowshoeing: Pick a scenic spot and rent some snowshoes, if you don’t own them. There’s less chance of getting hurt than with skiing.

  • An indoor aerobic or yoga class: You get a great workout and you get to see each other look sexy.

Change your plans if the weather turns nasty. You don’t want your first date to be a grim weather scene. It could be dangerous or just seriously uncomfortable. Be flexible rather than determined when you’re dealing with weather conditions.

This is about having fun together, not testing either of you at your utmost ability. Pick an activity that’s easy and offers time to talk; afterward, savor the experience together. This is the first of what you hope to be many experiences together, so keep it simple. Being rescued off a mountain isn’t romantic.