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Dating After 50: Tips for A Movie Date

By Pepper Schwartz

For people over 50, there are two great reasons to bring a first date to the movies. First, you don’t have to talk as much as you do when you’re on a dinner date, and that can be good when you don’t have a wealth of experiences together.

And second, after you see the movie you have plenty to talk about — if, that is, you pick the right movie. Some films are perfect date movies, and others are perfectly awful date movies, so you need to take into account some general guidelines.

Don’t depend on a film one friend recommends. You can find dozens of movie review sites to consult online, such as IMDB. Look at what both men and women have said; this movie has to appeal to both.

Things to consider:

Do: Pick something funny and perhaps romantic.

Don’t: Pick either a “chick flick” or a “guys night out flick.”

Why? Because you don’t know each other’s sensitivities, and movies that come from only one gender’s point of view are often insulting to the other gender.

Do: Pick a movie that has won some awards; there’s a better chance you’ll both like it.

Don’t: Pick a movie that’s a marathon.

Why? You want to have some energy left after the movie to go to dinner or have coffee and discuss it together. Do your due diligence and choose a movie that has been well reviewed so you both aren’t feeling that you wasted your time. You want something to talk about but not something that uses up all your time and emotion.

This is about the date, not the movie. Just because you’ve been meaning to see a certain flick doesn’t mean that this is the time to see it.