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Dating After 50: Tips for A Dinner Date

By Pepper Schwartz

Meeting your date over food is great. Good food and good wine (especially good wine) create an amiable environment. You inherit the mood of the room: quiet and contemplative or lively and animated.

The food and ambience give you something to talk about, and if you’re foodies or wine people, you can delve into your hobby and use it to further conversation. Going to a fancy restaurant allows you to dress up and look elegant; if it’s a more casual restaurant, it can be relaxing and show off your sportier self.

If your date asks you where you’d like to eat, pick something less expensive but not noisy — less expensive because you want to reassure your date that she’s the point of the date (not the dinner) and less noisy because it’s really important to be able to talk.

Having to ask, “What did you say?” after every sentence can really ruin a date! Not hearing each other well can lead to embarrassment and somewhat odd or inappropriate answers. Don’t make the ability to hear each other a challenge.

Other things that can ruin a dinner date include

  • Wolfing down your food

  • Slurping your drink

  • Picking the most expensive thing on the menu (unless you’re paying)

  • Checking out the other diners instead of your date

  • Touching your partner (this is the first date!)

  • Deciding what your partner should eat

  • Talking about weight or diets

A dinner date works best when you know the two of you have a lot in common and a lot to talk about. If you hardly know each other at all, a dinner date isn’t the best option because it requires a lot of conversation before you’ve gotten to know each other. You could be stuck with those awkward silences you definitely want to avoid!