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Dating After 50: Meet a Lot of Available People Online

By Pepper Schwartz

As a new dater over 50, you’ve probably met everyone at your church group that you’re going to meet through that venue. Maybe a few new people will pop up, but not too many, and not many of them single.

But the web is different. New people are always showing up. Relationships break up, spouses die, or perhaps a connection that started on the Net isn’t quite strong enough to go the distance, and so a person reappears to try again. The Net is constantly refreshing itself, which makes it always interesting.

Furthermore, the web has so many sites, and few people go to all of them. So if you switch a site you may find a new set of people. This is particularly true if, for example, you’ve been on one of the big sites and then you go to a boutique site. You’re almost guaranteed to find some new people who didn’t want to try the larger, less-tailored sites.

Some people who are very motivated to find a partner are on and off a dating site as soon as they can possibly manage it. So if you see a new face and you’re interested, contact that person immediately. The person may be gone very soon, and you want to have a chance to meet.

So many people are on the Net that sometimes people get addicted to staying online, intrigued by the next wonderful possibility. Don’t let that happen to you. There will always be intriguing people, but if you’re really looking for a partner, you don’t want to get seduced by the idea that the grass is always greener someplace new.

Some people online are just serial daters who don’t want to commit to anyone, but the vast majority of people are looking for a serious partner. Yes, you may also run into the occasional person who pretends to be free and is not, but fortunately, there aren’t too many of them.

If you do meet someone who is engaged, married, or otherwise committed, don’t get so discouraged that you drop out. You’ve just been unlucky; most people are what they say they are, and if they say they’re looking for their one and only, that’s likely to be the case.

When you get interested in someone and are thinking about dating the person, do some due diligence and conduct a web search on the person. With not too many clicks you ought to be able to find out whether the person is single or married.