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Dating After 50: Make Safety a Priority

By Pepper Schwartz

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If you are dating again after 50 and it has been awhile since you last dated, make safety a priority by brushing up on some common sense rules.

Unless you fall in love with the boy or girl next door, your coworker, or someone you’ve known for a long time, dating, almost by definition, is going out with someone you don’t know. That means you need to be cautious about how you meet people, where you meet them, and what information you give them.

In a nutshell, here are the five core aspects of safe dating:

  • Never give out your address until you’ve thoroughly checked someone out and are sure he’s a safe person.

  • Never give out your home phone number until you’re sure this is an emotionally stable person. A rejected person who’s unstable could start harassing you over the phone, and you may have to cancel your number, which is a pain in the neck.

  • Always do due diligence on the information your date gives you. You should be able to use the web to find out whether he has a criminal record, works where he says he works, is married, and so on.

  • Never let someone you’ve met for coffee or just a few dates walk you to your car. The chances of meeting someone who would push you into the car and kidnap you are extremely low, but not impossible.

  • Pay attention to early jealous behavior or compulsive calling or visiting. If it occurs, back away from the relationship immediately (but do it in a kind manner; you don’t want to stir up feelings of anger if you can help it).