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Dating After 50: Get More Information about Dates Online

By Pepper Schwartz

It’s kind of ironic that most people over 50 would prefer meeting face to face because while doing so gives you the most information about being attracted to each other, it gives you the least information about everything else.

The best part of dating online (besides getting into new networks and having lots of choices) is how much information you get about people beforehand. You can find out their hobbies, feelings about children, political persuasion, religious beliefs, and a lot more.

You can also find their “deal breakers” — things they dislike so much that they list them so that they aren’t matched up with anyone who has one of these habits or beliefs. Common deal breakers that appear in online dating profiles are:

  • Smoking (nonsmokers are sticklers for this one!)

  • Wants to have kids with their new partner (or doesn’t want to be around their partner’s kids)

  • Political beliefs (conservatives who want other conservatives; liberals who want other liberals)

  • Cats or dogs (against, usually because of allergies; or for, because they have them)

  • Distance (some people won’t consider someone far away)

  • Religion and religiosity (or lack thereof) — some people want someone who practices the same religion they do; others just want someone who is very religious or not religious at all

  • Weight (very fit people often make it clear they’ll consider no one who is heavy or unfit)

Some of these deal breakers may sound obnoxious or narrow, but at least you know where someone stands — and you can make your own preferences very clear. In thinking about what you want and don’t want, you also get to know yourself better, and that’s no small advantage.

You only want to list your absolute “will not consider” items under deal breakers. If you list a lot of them, like almost everything in the previous list, and also add desirable physical attributes like “must have blue eyes and be over five foot ten,” you start to narrow your possible dates quite a bit!