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Dating After 50 Dilemma: Your Date Is Dating Someone Else

By Pepper Schwartz

If it’s been awhile since you last dated and now you are entering the dating world in your 50s or beyond, you might get a surprise or two on your dating adventure. Sometimes, it turns out you can know too much. If you’re really interested in the person you’re dating, it’s painful to know that your friend is seeing her too.

In a perfect dating world, your date would forget about the other person and only see you. You can insist on that, but it’s a high-risk maneuver, and your date may stop seeing you as a result.

What you can do that’s less precipitous is to put her other dating life out of your mind and concentrate on having a lot of fun together. Promise yourself that you won’t talk about this with your friend, unless you want to endanger that friendship. You don’t want to say anything that may, and probably will, get back to the person you’re dating.

It may be hard on you, but there’s always a chance when you start dating someone that she’s dating someone else, even if you don’t know about it. Unless this is a question about monogamy, it’s best to ignore the rest of his dating life and just concentrate on what’s happening between you. Putting pressure on someone rarely helps anything.