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Make Cloud Management Easier with CloudMGR

By John Paul Mueller

CloudMGR is a cloud-management solution that enables you to interact with AWS using an alternative interface. The overall goal of CloudMGR is to reduce the confusion that many people feel when faced with the myriad AWS consoles and the sometimes buried options required to control the services. This particular product focuses on the needs of service providers, independent vendors, and enterprise users. AWS (Amazon Web Services) supports three levels of CloudMGR:

  • CloudMGR Business: The basic solution for automating business-related tasks in the cloud.
  • CloudMGR for Autotask: This solution works with Autotask to manage huge arrays of AWS servers in support of multiple clients.
  • CloudMGR for cPanel Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS): This solution integrates with cPanel to let you work with websites with greater ease.

In addition to the many discussions about AWS packages online, you can also search the Amazon Marketplace for a product that will meet your needs. Researching and testing the various products using a test setup and a real-world database (but not your production database) helps you sort out the vendor claims from the realities of using the packages in your specific environment.