CLI Service Listing - dummies

By John Paul Mueller

Part of Amazon Web Services For Developers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To use the aws command to affect a particular service, you must provide a service name. The following table lists the AWS services that you can use with CLI.

acm apigateway application-autoscaling appstream
autoscaling batch budgets clouddirectory
cloudformation cloudfront cloudhsm cloudsearch
cloudsearchdomain cloudtrail cloudwatch codebuild
codecommit codepipeline codestar cognito-identity
cognito-idp cognito-sync configservice configure
cur datapipeline deploy devicefarm
directconnect discovery dms ds
dynamodb dynamodbstreams ec2 ecr
ecs efs elasticache elasticbeanstalk
elastictranscoder elb elbv2 emr
es events firehose gamelift
glacier health help iam
importexport inspector iot iot-data
kinesis kinesisanalytics kms lambda
lex-models lex-runtime lightsail logs
machinelearning marketplace-entitlement marketplacecommerceanalytics meteringmarketplace
mturk opsworks opsworks-cm organizations
pinpoint polly rds redshift
recognition resourcegroupstaggingapi route53 route53domains
s3 s3api sdb servicecatalog
ses shield sms snowball
sns sqs ssm stepfunctions
storagegateway sts support swf
waf waf-regional workdocs workspaces