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Amazon Web Services For Developers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From AWS for Developers For Dummies

By John Paul Mueller

Developers have amazing opportunities today to create applications that span the entire planet. Use this cheat sheet to help you get the job done faster and easier when using AWS as your cloud-based solution of choice.

A Quick Overview of the CLI Options

When working with the aws command to perform CLI tasks, you often need to add options to ensure that the commands work as intended. The following table gives you an overview of these options so that you can gain access to them quickly.

Option Input Description
--debug boolean Turn debug logging on or off.
--endpoint-url string Use a different URL from the standard URL. For example, you can use a localhost rather than the remote AWS copy when interacting with DynamoDB.
--no-verify-ssl boolean Disable SSL verification when communicating with AWS services. On the plus side, this option makes communication faster. On the negative side, it can open your system to attack. In general, using this particular option is a bad idea.
--no-paginate boolean Stop using pagination for output. The output streams from beginning to end so that you don’t have to press the spacebar to display the next page of output.
--output string Defines the output style for responses. The acceptable output values are json, text, and table.
--query string Specifies the JSON Matching Expression Path (JMESPath) query to use when filtering response data. The site at tells you more about using this query method.
--profile string Determines the profile that the aws command uses when making queries. Normally, the aws command uses the default profile (generally, the first profile you create when performing setup).
--region string Determines which region the aws command uses when making queries. This option overrides the config/env settings.
--version Displays the tool version. You don’t need to supply any input value.
--color string Turns color output on or off. The valid input values are on, off, and auto.
--no-sign-request boolean Sends requests without signing them. The requests will usually fail if you don’t send credentials, so this is one method of testing security.
--ca-bundle string Specifies the CA certificate bundle to use when verifying SSL certificates. This option overrides the config/env settings.
--cli-read-timeout int Defines the maximum socket read time in seconds. This value helps you recover from requests that freeze for whatever reason. Setting this value to 0 will stop the request from timing out, which means that aws will wait forever for the request to succeed.
--cli-connect-timeout int Defines the maximum socket connect time in seconds. This value helps you recover from requests that freeze for whatever reason. Setting this value to 0 will stop the request from timing out, which means that aws will wait forever for the request to succeed.

CLI Service Listing

To use the aws command to affect a particular service, you must provide a service name. The following table lists the AWS services that you can use with CLI.

acm apigateway application-autoscaling appstream
autoscaling batch budgets clouddirectory
cloudformation cloudfront cloudhsm cloudsearch
cloudsearchdomain cloudtrail cloudwatch codebuild
codecommit codepipeline codestar cognito-identity
cognito-idp cognito-sync configservice configure
cur datapipeline deploy devicefarm
directconnect discovery dms ds
dynamodb dynamodbstreams ec2 ecr
ecs efs elasticache elasticbeanstalk
elastictranscoder elb elbv2 emr
es events firehose gamelift
glacier health help iam
importexport inspector iot iot-data
kinesis kinesisanalytics kms lambda
lex-models lex-runtime lightsail logs
machinelearning marketplace-entitlement marketplacecommerceanalytics meteringmarketplace
mturk opsworks opsworks-cm organizations
pinpoint polly rds redshift
recognition resourcegroupstaggingapi route53 route53domains
s3 s3api sdb servicecatalog
ses shield sms snowball
sns sqs ssm stepfunctions
storagegateway sts support swf
waf waf-regional workdocs workspaces

Boto3 Service and Class Listing

When working with Python to access AWS using Boto3, you must create an instance of a class to provide the proper access. The following table you an overview of the services and associated classes that Boto3 supports, along with a link for finding additional information.

Service Classes
ACM Client, Paginators
APIGateway Client, Paginators
ApplicationAutoScaling Client, Paginators
ApplicationDiscoveryService Client, Paginators
AppStream Client, Paginators
Athena Client, Paginators
AutoScaling Client, Paginators
Batch Client, Paginators
Budgets Client, Paginators
CloudDirectory Client, Paginators
CloudFormation Client, Paginators, Waiters, Service Resource, Event, Stack, StackResource, StackResourceSummary
CloudFront Client, Paginators, Waiters, Examples
CloudHSM Client
CloudSearch Client, Paginators
CloudSearchDomain Client
CloudTrail Client, Paginators
CloudWatch Client, Paginators, Waiters, Service Resource, Alarm, Metric
CloudWatchEvents Client, Paginators
CloudWatchLogs Client, Paginators
CodeBuild Client, Paginators
CodeCommit Client, Paginators
CodeDeploy Client, Paginators, Waiters
CodePipeline Client
CodeStar Client, Paginators
CognitoIdentity Client, Paginators
CognitoIdentityProvider Client, Paginators
CognitoSync Client
ConfigService Client, Paginators
CostandUsageReportService Client, Paginators
DatabaseMigrationService Client, Paginators
DataPipeline Client, Paginators
DeviceFarm Client, Paginators
DirectConnect Client, Paginators
DirectoryService Client
DynamoDB Client, Paginators, Waiters, Service Resource, Table
DynamoDBStreams Client, Paginators
EC2 Client, Paginators, Waiters, Service Resource, ClassicAddress, DhcpOptions, Image, Instance, InternetGateway, KeyPair, KeyPairInfo, NetworkAcl, NetworkInterface, NetworkInterfaceAssociation, PlacementGroup, Route, RouteTable, RouteTableAssociation, SecurityGroup, Snapshot, Subnet, Tag, Volume, Vpc, VpcPeeringConnection, VpcAddress
ECR Client, Paginators
ECS Client, Paginators, Waiters
EFS Client, Paginators
ElastiCache Client, Paginators, Waiters
ElasticBeanstalk Client, Paginators
ElasticLoadBalancing Client, Paginators, Waiters
ElasticLoadBalancingv2 Client, Paginators
ElasticsearchService Client, Paginators
ElasticTranscoder Client, Paginators, Waiters
EMR Client, Paginators, Waiters
Firehose Client
GameLift Client, Paginators
Glacier Client, Paginators, Waiters, Service Resource, Account, Archive, Job, MultipartUpload, Notification, Vault
Health Client, Paginators
IAM Client, Paginators, Waiters, Service Resource, AccessKey, AccessKeyPair, AccountPasswordPolicy, AccountSummary, AssumeRolePolicy, CurrentUser, Group, GroupPolicy, InstanceProfile, LoginProfile, MfaDevice, Policy, PolicyVersion, Role, RolePolicy, SamlProviderm, ServerCertificate, SigningCertificate, User, UserPolicy, VirtualMfaDevice
ImportExport Client, Paginators
Inspector Client, Paginators
IoT Client, Paginators
IoTDataPlane Client
Kinesis Client, Paginators, Waiters
KinesisAnalytics Client, Paginators
KMS Client, Paginators
Lambda Client, Paginators
LexModelBuildingService Client, Paginators
LexRuntimeService Client, Paginators
Lightsail Client, Paginators
MachineLearning Client, Paginators, Waiters
MarketplaceCommerceAnalytics Client, Paginators
MarketplaceEntitlementService Client, Paginators
MarketplaceMetering Client
MTurk Client, Paginators
OpsWorks Client, Paginators, Waiters, Service Resource, Layer, Stack, StackSummary
OpsWorksCM Client, Paginators, Waiters
Organizations Client, Paginators
Pinpoint Client
Polly Client, Paginators
RDS Client, Paginators, Waiters
Redshift Client, Paginators, Waiters
Rekognition Client, Paginators
ResourceGroupsTaggingAPI Client, Paginators
Route53 Client, Paginators, Waiters
Route53Domains Client, Paginators
S3 Client, Paginators, Waiters, Service Resource, Bucket, BucketAcl, BucketCors, BucketLifecycle, BucketLogging, BucketNotification, BucketPolicy, BucketRequestPayment, BucketTagging, BucketVersioning, BucketWebsite, MultipartUpload, MultipartUploadPart, Object, ObjectAcl, ObjectSummary, ObjectVersion, Examples
ServiceCatalog Client
SES Client, Paginators, Waiters
SFN Client, Paginators
Shield Client
SimpleDB Client, Paginators
SMS Client, Paginators
Snowball Client, Paginators
SNS Client, Paginators, Service Resource, PlatformApplication, PlatformEndpoint, Subscription, Topic
SQS Client, Paginators, Service Resource, Message, Queue
SSM Client, Paginators
StorageGateway Client, Paginators
STS Client, Paginators
Support Client, Paginators
SWF Client, Paginators
WAF Client, Paginators
WAFRegional Client, Paginators
WorkDocs Client, Paginators
WorkSpaces Client, Paginators
XRay Client