Basics of Code::Blocks Project File Accounting for C Programming

By Dan Gookin

The C programming integrated development environment Code::Blocks organizes its projects into folders. The primary folder is given the project’s name, such as ex0201. Within that folder, you’ll find all files associated with the project, including the source code, object code, and executable program. Here’s a breakdown of what’s what, assuming that the project is named ex0201:

*.c — The source code files. Source code files are stored in the project’s main folder.

*.cbp — The Code::Blocks project file, named after the project. You can open this file to run Code::Blocks and work on the project.

bin/Release/ — The folder in which the program file is stored. The file is named after the project.

bin/Debug/ — The folder that’s created when you choose a debug build target. An executable program with debugging information is stored here.

obj/Release/ — The folder that contains object code files for the project’s release version. One object code file is found for each source code file.

obj/Debug/ — The folder that contains object code files for the debugging target.

Other files may lurk in the project’s folder as well, most of them related to something Code::Blocks does. If you create more-complex projects, such as Windows programs or cell phone apps, other folders and files appear as necessary.

You have no need to probe the depths of a project folder on a regular basis, because Code::Blocks manages everything for you.