How to Set Up AutoCAD to Place Dimensions in the Correct Layer - dummies

How to Set Up AutoCAD to Place Dimensions in the Correct Layer

By Bill Fane

In drafting, either CAD or manual, dimensions are special text labels with attached lines that, together, clearly indicate the size of things. Starting with AutoCAD 2016, you can set up AutoCAD so that dimensions are automatically placed on the correct layer. Follow these steps:

  1. Start the LAyer command. Click the Layer Properties button on the Layers panel.
  2. Create a new layer. Give it a suitable name, such as Dims, and assign it a desired color.
  3. Click the Annotate tab of the Ribbon menu.
  4. In the Dim Layer Override drop-down list in the middle of the Dimensions tab, select your dimension layer. That’s it! Whenever you add a dimension to this drawing, it will automatically land on your dimension layer, regardless of which layer is active.

DO NOT use this layer selection drop-down list if you want to change the current layer for other drawing objects. This list sets only the dimension layer.

Create and set your default dimension layer in your template drawing. Any new drawings that are created from your template will automatically have your dimension layer predefined.