Keyboard Shortcuts for AutoCAD 2010 - dummies

Keyboard Shortcuts for AutoCAD 2010

By David Byrnes

Part of AutoCAD 2010 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The keyboard shortcuts in AutoCAD 2010 let you accomplish tasks at the press of a key or two. The following table shows some of the most-used AutoCAD commands and their shortcut keys:

Keyboard Shortcut Command Purpose
Ctrl+S QSAVE Saves the drawing
Ctrl+O OPEN Displays the Select File dialog box
Ctrl+P PLOT Displays the Plot dialog box
Ctrl+Tab None Switches to the next open drawing
Ctrl+PgUp/Ctrl+PgDn None Switches to the previous/next tab in the current drawing
F2 TEXTSCR Toggles the AutoCAD Text Window on and off
F3 OSNAP Toggles running object snap mode on and off
F8 ORTHO Toggles ortho mode on and off
F9 SNAP Toggles snap mode on and off
F10 POLAR Toggles polar mode on and off