How to Use the SCale Command in AutoCAD 2014 - dummies

How to Use the SCale Command in AutoCAD 2014

By Bill Fane, David Byrnes

You may think that the SCale command performs magical drawing-scale setup on an entire drawing in AutoCAD 2014. No such luck. (Nor does it have anything to do with ladders or fish.) The SCale command uniformly scales — enlarges or reduces — objects up or down by a factor that you specify. Here’s how it works:

  1. Press Esc to make sure that no command is active and no objects are selected.

  2. Click the Scale button on the Home tab’s Modify panel, or enter SC and press Enter.

  3. Select at least one object, and press Enter to end the object selection.

    AutoCAD prompts you for the base point around which it will scale all selected objects:

    Specify base point:
  4. Specify a base point by picking a point or typing coordinates.

    The base point becomes the point around which the objects are scaled. AutoCAD prompts you for the scale factor:

    Specify scale factor or [Copy/Reference] <1.0000>:

    Don’t assume that AutoCAD will scale the objects but leave them more or less where they are in the drawing. AutoCAD scales the distance between objects as well as the objects themselves. For example, if you select a circle to scale, pick a point outside the circle as the base point and then specify a scale factor of 2.

    AutoCAD not only makes the circle twice as big but also moves the circle twice as far away from the base point that you specified. To make a circle bigger but leave it where it’s located, use the CENter object snap to select its center point as the base point of the scale operation.

  5. Type a scale factor and press Enter.

    AutoCAD scales the objects by the factor that you type, using the base point that you specified. Numbers greater than 1 increase the objects’ sizes; numbers smaller than 1 but greater than 0 decrease the objects’ sizes. Negative scale factors are invalid.

SCale has a Copy option with which you can make enlarged or reduced duplicates of selected objects without altering the source objects. And throughout the drawing session, both SCale and ROtate remember the last scale factor or rotation angle that was entered.