How to Use the RECtang Command in AutoCAD 2014

By Bill Fane, David Byrnes

You can use the PLine or Line command to draw a rectangle in AutoCAD 2014. In most cases, you’ll find that using the special-purpose RECtang command is easier. The following steps show you how:

  1. Click the Rectangle button on the Draw panel of the Home tab, or type REC and press Enter.

    AutoCAD starts the RECtang command and prompts you to specify a point for one corner of the rectangle. The command line shows the prompt:

    Specify first corner point or [Chamfer/Elevation/

    You can add fancy effects by using additional command options. The default options work best for most purposes. Look up RECTANG in the AutoCAD help system if you want to know more about the options.

  2. Specify the first corner by clicking a point or typing coordinates.

    AutoCAD prompts you to specify the corner of the rectangle that’s diagonally opposite from the first one.

    Specify other corner point or [Area/
  3. Specify the other corner by clicking a point or typing coordinates.

    The rectangle is drawn after you specify the second corner point.

    If you know the size of the rectangle that you want to draw (for example, 100 units long x 75 units high), type D to enter the Dimensions option, and then simply type the width and height. Pick a point to indicate which of the four possible alignments you want, and AutoCAD draws the rectangle.