How to Use the MLeaDer Command in AutoCAD 2014 - dummies

How to Use the MLeaDer Command in AutoCAD 2014

By Bill Fane, David Byrnes

AutoCAD 2014 allows you to easily draw multileader objects that consist of leader lines and multiline text at the same time by using the MLeaDer command; follow these simple steps:

  1. Set a multileader style (one that’s appropriate for your needs) current.

    Choose an existing style from the Multileader Style drop-down list on the Home tab’s Annotation panel slideout, or create a new style by clicking the Multileader Style button on the Annotation slideout. Visit the online help system for tips on creating new multileader styles.

  2. Choose Multileader from the Annotation panel.

    The command line prompts you to select the location of the pointy end of the leader arrowhead:

    Specify leader arrowhead location or [leader Landing
    first/Content first/Options] <Options>:

    The initial default method is to locate the arrowhead, followed by the leader landing (that is, the short horizontal line between the leader line and the text), at which point AutoCAD displays the In-Place Text Editor and you enter the text of your note. If you’d rather place the leader landing first, type L and press Enter. If you’d rather type the content first, type C and press Enter.

    If you want to draw spline-curved rather than straight leader lines, specify the number of pick points for the leader lines and press Enter to display multileader options at the command line or the Dynamic Input tooltip. Refer to the online Help for more information on the command options.

  3. Pick a location in the drawing that you want the leader to point to.

    If you use an object snap mode, such as NEArest or MIDpoint, to pick a point on an object, AutoCAD associates the leader with the object. If you later move the object, AutoCAD updates the leader so that it points to the new location.

    The command line prompts you for the next point.

  4. Pick a second point.

    AutoCAD draws a shaft from the arrowhead to this point.

    Don’t pick a second point that’s too close to the arrowhead point. If AutoCAD doesn’t have enough room to draw the arrowhead, it omits the arrowhead.

    By default, AutoCAD lets you pick two points for the leader line: The first point locates the arrowhead, and the second point locates the start of the short horizontal leader landing. If you need more points than that, restart the command and choose Options, Maxpoints and set a new value.

    After you pick the point for the leader landing, AutoCAD opens the In-Place Text Editor.

  5. Type your text.

    You’re now in the In-Place Text Editor with the Text Editor tab and options.

  6. Click Close.

    The In-Place Text Editor window closes and adds your text to the drawing, next to the leader.


You can use grips to manipulate a multileader’s individual components, just as if it were several objects instead of a single object. Hold down the Ctrl key and click a multileader to select different pieces. You can even use grips to adjust the width of multileader text as if it were a plain, everyday mText object.