How to Use the Line Command in AutoCAD 2014

By Bill Fane, David Byrnes

Unlike many AutoCAD 2014 drawing commands, Line offers limited options. It has a Close option only to create one more segment back to the first point you picked in the current run of the command, and it has an Undo option to remove the most recently drawn segment. You can repeat the Undo option back to the start of the current run of the command.

Real-world drawings include several different types of lines, such as hidden, center, and section.

Follow these steps to use the Line command:

  1. Start the Line command by clicking the Line button on the Draw panel on the Ribbon, or by entering L and then pressing Enter.

  2. Draw line segments by picking several random points.

  3. Terminate the command by pressing Enter, Esc, or the spacebar.

  4. Press Enter or the spacebar to repeat the Line command.

    Pressing Enter or the spacebar always repeats the last command.

  5. Draw more line segments to complete the figure.

    If you need to undo some line segments, enter U and press Enter.

  6. Enter C and press Enter to close the figure, which draws one more segment back to the first point you picked.

Pressing Enter or the spacebar whenever AutoCAD asks for a first point automatically selects the last point you picked, regardless of the previous or current command.