How to Set Up the AutoCAD 2010 Drawing Functions - dummies

How to Set Up the AutoCAD 2010 Drawing Functions

By David Byrnes

Part of AutoCAD 2010 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using AutoCAD 2010 enables you to do amazing things if you just set it up right before you get started. The following table shows AutoCAD commands in both the ribbon application and classic menus and describes what each does:

Ribbon / Application Menu Classic Menu Command Description
Model Space
1. Application menu→New→Drawing File→New NEW (Ctrl+N) Specifies a template drawing (DWT file)
2. Application menu→Drawing Utilities→Units Format→Units UNITS Specifies linear and angular units
3. None Format→Drawing Limits LIMITS Specifies working area
4. View tab→Navigate panel→Zoom drop-down
View→Zoom→All ZOOM, All Zooms to limits
5. None Tools→Drafting Settings DSETTINGS Specifies snap and grid spacings
6. None None LTSCALE Sets linetype scale
7. Home tab→Annotation panel→ Dimension Style Format→Dimension Style DIMSTYLE Sets dimension scale (on the Fit tab)
8. Application menu→Drawing Utilities→Drawing
File→Drawing Properties DWGPROPS Enters drawing informational properties
Paper Space
9. None Tools→Wizards→Create Layout LAYOUTWIZARD Creates a paper space layout
10. Quick Access toolbar→Save File→Save QSAVE (Ctrl+S) Saves the drawing