How to Change Object Properties in AutoCAD 2014 - dummies

How to Change Object Properties in AutoCAD 2014

By Bill Fane, David Byrnes

You can view and change all properties of an object in the AutoCAD Properties palette, and many of them in the Quick Properties palette. The Properties palette at the left and the Quick Properties palette at the right show properties for the selected line object.

The Properties palette was joined in AutoCAD 2009 by its more streamlined little sibling, Quick Properties (QP). When it’s turned on in the status bar, selecting an object opens a floating palette that displays a customizable selection of that object’s properties. (If the status bar buttons show text rather than icons, look for the QP button.)


Handy as it is, the Quick Properties palette has a knack of popping up on top of drawing objects that you need to see. In AutoCAD, you can let Quick Properties mode remain turned off at the status bar and instead use the QuickProperties command. Type its alias and then select an object to display the Quick Properties panel. You can also double-click most objects to display their quick properties.

To toggle the full Properties palette on and off, click the Properties button on the View tab of the Ribbon or press Ctrl+1. Before you select an object, the Properties palette displays the current properties — properties that AutoCAD applies to new objects when you draw them.

After you select an object, the Properties palette displays the properties for that object. If you select more than one type of object, the Properties palette displays, and then changes the properties that they have in common.

Properties and QuickProperties let you change any properties of one or more selected objects. You should change the main properties (such as color, linetype, and lineweight) only by moving the objects to a different layer.

If you’re a CAD manager, you can easily customize the Quick Properties palettes to remove “undesirable” properties. For detailed instructions, search for customize quick palettes in the Help search window.