How to Use the Nikon D90 Menus - dummies

How to Use the Nikon D90 Menus

By Julie Adair King

Using a digital SLR lets you use the best photography techniques of a manual camera, or take advantage of a camera’s advanced functions. You access many of your D90’s features via internal menus, which are explained here.

The Nikon D90 menus, conveniently enough, appear when you press the Menu button. Features are grouped into six main menus:

  • Playback: Viewing, deleting, and protecting pictures

  • Shooting: Basic photography settings

  • Custom Setting: Advanced photography options and some basic camera operations

  • Setup: Additional basic camera operations

  • Retouch: Built-in photo retouching options

  • Recent Settings/My Menu: Your 20 most recently used menu options or your custom-designed menu

After you press the Menu button, you see on the camera monitor a screen similar to the one shown here. The icon that is highlighted or appears in color is the active menu; options on that menu automatically appear to the right of the column of icons. In the figure, the Shooting menu is active, for example.

The Nikon D90 Main Menu.

The Multi Selector (the control to the right of your LCD screen, with the four directional arrows that surrounds the OK button) is the key to the navigating menus. You press the edges of the Multi Selector to navigate up, down, left, and right through the menus.

To select a different menu: Press the Multi Selector left to jump to the column containing the menu icons. Then press up or down to highlight the menu you want to display. Finally, press right to jump over to the options on the menu.

To select and adjust a function on the current menu: Again, use the Multi Selector to scroll up or down the list of options to highlight the feature you want to adjust and then press OK. Settings available for the selected item then appear. Repeat the old up-and-down scroll routine until the choice you prefer is highlighted. Then press OK to return to the previous screen.

In some cases, you may see a right-pointing arrowhead instead of the OK symbol next to an option. That’s your cue to press the Multi Selector right to display a submenu or other list of options.

To quickly access your 20 most recent menu items or create a custom menu: The sixth menu is actually two menus bundled into one. The Recent Settings menu provides a list of the 20 menu items you ordered most recently. So if you want to adjust those settings, you don’t have to wade through all the other menus looking for them — just head to this menu instead.

Through the Choose Tab option at the bottom of the menu, you can switch to the My Menu screen. From there, you can create your own custom menu that contains your favorite options. The My Menu screen also contains a Choose Tab option so that you can switch back to the Recent Settings menu at any time.

The menu icon changes depending on which of these two functions is active.