How to Display Photos in Calendar View on Your Nikon D5300 - dummies

How to Display Photos in Calendar View on Your Nikon D5300

By Julie Adair King

In Calendar view, you see a little calendar on the screen of your Nikon D5300. By selecting a date on the calendar, you can quickly navigate to all pictures you shot on that day. A thumbnail-free date indicates that your memory card doesn’t contain any photos from that day.

The key to navigating Calendar view is the Zoom Out button:

1Press the Zoom Out button as needed to cycle through the Thumbnail display modes until you reach Calendar view.

If you’re viewing images in full-frame view, for example, you need to press the button four times to get to Calendar view.

2Using the Multi Selector or Command dial, move the yellow highlight box over a date that contains an image.

The third day of December is selected. (The number of the month appears in the upper-left corner of the screen.) After you select a date, the right side of the screen displays thumbnails of pictures taken on that date. A highlight box outlines the selected photo.

3To view all thumbnails from the selected date, press the Zoom Out button again.

As a reminder of what button to press, the little icon underneath the calendar displays the symbols that appear on the Zoom Out button.

After you press the button, the thumbnail strip becomes active, and you can scroll through the thumbnails by rotating the Command dial or pressing the Multi Selector up and down. A second highlight box appears in the thumbnail strip to indicate the selected image.

4To temporarily display a larger view of the selected thumbnail, hold down the Zoom In button.

Again, note the reminder icon in the lower-right corner of the screen; it shows the plus-sign magnifying glass that appears on the face of the Zoom In button.

In the zoomed view, the image filename appears under the larger preview. When you release the Zoom In button, the large preview disappears, and the calendar comes back into view.

5To jump from the thumbnail strip back to the calendar and select a different date, press the Zoom Out button again.

You can just keep pressing the button to jump between the calendar and the thumbnail strip as much as you want.

6To exit the thumbnail strip and return to single-image view, press OK.

Oh, the options!